Reclaiming the old religious spots: what is possible and what is necessary

1. Introduction

It is understood that spirituality and tradition were instrumental in guiding the manner in which humans have been living and progressing in this world.

The faith that we are all created by same God and our soul is His component in us is the foundation of spirituality. Spiritual truths are guided by three things: the scriptures, reason and personal experience. The understanding as perceived by ancestors of metaphysical links between creator and creation as well as their relationships that are handed over from generation to generation in the form of beliefs, established practices and costumes constitute traditions. Spirituality provides the logic and basis for tradition. In turn traditions are instrumental in practicing spiritual truths in day to day life.

The struggle towards realization or experience of God, constitute dynamic spirituality and is true meaning of religion. This helps in steady spiritual growth of humans and their spiritual dimensions, which bridges the gap between life and religion. The evidences of such growth are seen externally by doing all work in a spirit of service to the entire living organism and internally by meditation.

Different religions constitute different paths designed to suit different tastes and temperaments to reach the same ultimate truth. Humans who want to make themselves better realize the existence of an apparent strong opposing force against them. However, searching within, they find that human capabilities are much greater than the vagaries of mind and discover the mis- norm that they are surrounded by the constraints of nature.

The desire for more and more in life indicates that human potential is much greater than any finite thing in the world. Thus it can be inferred that human is capable of reaching infinite, possesses spirit and is not merely matter. It is because of the ignorance about these fact humans suffer. Historical events confirm that humans are fortunate, in the sense that messengers, prophets and incarnations are born on earth to demonstrate that human is the self and it is possible for humans to attain immortality and infinite bliss. The self which is seen through human emotion and human feeling is God in us.

Every religion and every saint says that God is all-pervading. The traditions preach that there is no spot where God is not present, therefore one can infer that God is closer to us than mind or thought. It is our ego which separates us from God, once it is completely gone, then there seems to be no difference between me or we or God.

The four main paths to the attainment of union with God (known as Yoga) are:

Karma Yoga, the path of selfless work where every action is offered as a sacrament. By dedicating the fruits of one's work to God, one gradually achieves non-attachment and eventual1y goes beyond both action and inaction and at the same time remain active.

Jnana Yoga, is the path of discrimination which is knowledge based. By analyzing and then rejecting all transitory phenomena, the reality or Godhead in its impersonal aspect is finally perceived.

Bhakti Yoga is the path of devotion. In this path God is often worshiped as a divine incarnation - a Christ or Buddha, or Krishna. Most believers in the world's religions are Bhakti Yogis.

Raja Yoga is the path offom1al meditation. Raja Yoga may be said to combine Karma, Jnana and Bhakti.

2. Current Status of World

It is observed that the world can be divided into three groups from the perspective of

traditions and religion being followed.

- Countries where very little traditions and religion are fol1owed. This group includes most of the economically developed nations. Life style is dominated by economic factors and the attitudes are individualists and self centered. In majority cases material success is preached and practiced throughout life. However, then last phase of life is spent in almost isolation with little spiritual care.

- Countries where some traditions and religion are followed. This group includes economically semi-developed world where delicate balance is maintained between economic development and traditional values. People have moderately satisfied life.

- Countries where traditions and religion are adequately followed. This group include majority of under developed world where following traditions is considered as a constraint for economic development. However, people may be living a fairly satisfied life.

Existing situation

In every part of the world and in every society ethics and traditional moral values (dharma) are at a very low level. It seems to be very difficult for an honest and upright person to live and progress in such an environment which is fully dominated by opportunism, greed, jealousy and materialism.

The political and economic leadership in many countries of the world and their development strategies are influenced by the culture selfish and biased tendencies. The recent interventions of powerful countries and corporate scandals are dominated by egoistic and immoral attitudes which send wrong signals towards global governance.

Economically developed nations continue to exploit the developing countries by taking away their essential raw materials at throw away prices. The majority of poor nations are plunged into alleged political corruption at higher level which makes the lives of inhabitants miserable. If the traditional value systems and old religious norms are not restored then the future would be too bleak.

Religious divide, discrimination, violence, terrorism and disease are some of the big problems currently being faced in the world, whose solutions must be found to save humanity.

3. Future Strategies

The current situation in the world is too alarming, therefore by reclaiming the old religious spots and re-establishing the traditional value system the situation can still be saved. Miseries of the world cannot be overcome by material help alone, as they are never ending and recur after a time interval. Thus no amount of material help can cure miseries completely. The only way out for humans from these problems is to change their nature and attitude in order to become pure. Ignorance seems to be the root cause of all evils and miseries. Let humans be knowledgeable and spiritually strong, then only the problems of the world will be solved.

In the present context, the problems of child abuse, drug addiction, street children, slums and infections like HIV can be possibly controlled if people adopt as well as practice traditional values and old religious norms. It is believed that everyone is aspiring, to seek happiness. However, no person ever found real happiness in the senses or in their enjoyment. The true happiness is found in the spirit and that should be the main objective as well as utility of human life.

Humans require material, intellectual and spiritual help. Spiritual knowledge is capable of destroying all miseries for ever, where as other knowledge satisfies wants only for a time. Helping man spiritually is the highest help that can be given to him. Spirituality is the true basis of all our activities in life. The divine perfection is uncaused, unlimited and unconditional by causation, space and time.

Yoga is the science of religion. Karma Yoga is the way of selfless work and emphasizes on doing it with at most sincerity. Jnana Yoga teaches the divinity of the soul, non-duality of the Godhead, the harmony of religions and the unity of all existence. Bhakti Yoga realizes the oneness of the lover, love and the beloved God. Raja Yoga deals with various disciplines for practice of self-control, concentration and meditation. A balanced spiritual life demands a harmonious combination of all 4 Yoga’s. However, one or other Yoga practice dominates on the temperament of the spiritual aspirant.

Traditions and everlasting religious thoughts tell us that: life and death, profit and loss, joy and sorrow, fame and defame, meeting and separation are all in the hands of the Lord and keep happening at different times. So no one should be blamed for these. However, the serious social concerned should be raised in the following instances when:

Science and the scientists are misunderstood to be not believing in God or anti-religion. In fact at every crucial stage scientists acknowledge God and surrender to Him in a unique way, with typical realization. The simplistic manner in which most of the scientists live and behave in comparison to others can be seen as an evidence of that. Science is not an obstruction but a powerful tool in the search of divinity and the ultimate truth. Science is at the service of mankind in an equitable manner and possesses components of divinity. However, the manner in which science and its use is controlled and distributed may reflect the opposite picture, but this cannot be attributed to science, that is, science cannot be blamed for it.

The concept of radioactivity, heavy nucleus, the various character elementary particles some with opposite charges, yet the neutral nature of atom provide clue to liberation and the potential for enlightenment, in a fairly logical manner. Man- energy relation and its reflection in body- soul relationship highlights the spiritual dimension of science. The assend of mortals (having both body and soul) from materialists space to the spiritual space is probably optimally explained from the scientific view point.

However, the religious beliefs of descends of immortal from spiritual space to the materialistic space warranted at specific time, is adequately felt and recognized in the scientific realm. The current research in nano- technology and its applications in the various areas provide evidence of scientific techniques in attempting to realize the infinite attributes of Lord, which compliments the use of space mechanics on the other side.

Great prophets and knowledgeable people of the world provided living examples of the realization of divinity. As role models they inspire humans and as dispensers of grace they assist them towards realization. The humans of the world can have the following possible strategy to improve conditions surrounding them:



We, the World Congress of Ethnic Religions and Traditions,


·        Considering that spirituality provides the logic and basis for tradition.

·        Considering that traditions are the instruments to practice spiritual truths in daily life

·        Considering that different religions constitute different paths designed to suit different tastes and temperaments to reach the same ultimate truth

·        Considering that todays social and political systems seems to oppose a truthfull and spiritual attitude

·        Considering that the Religion of God or of the Gods is replaced by the ‘Religion of the Ego’

·        Considering that most of the economically developed nations are a-religious or even completely anti-traditional

·        Considering that greed, selfishness, pleasure seeking, and anti-traditional attitude has become the tenure

·        Considering that miseries cannot be overcome by material help only, but need to be solved at the root, which is mostly spiritual

therefore, by the present Covenant, the participating religions and traditions by the undersigned Representatives, urge from the    U.N.O.

    from the E.U.

    from the … Government

Resolution 1

Since spirituality forms the basis for tradition, and traditions form the basis for truthfullness, traditions should be protected and guarded by the Government as precious gifts of wisdom and stepstones to a just world

As real religions form different paths designed to suit different tastes and temperaments to reach the same ultimate truth, the Government should guarantee and encourage the diversity of different systems and strife towards permanent tolerance between the different paths.

Resolution 2

Since the different religions constitute different paths to attain the ultimate Truth, the Government should condamn any form of proselytism and monopolism

Resolution 3

Since greed, selfishness, corruption, pleasure seeking and anti-traditionalism is provoqued by the socio-economical market and by specific ideologies, the Government should take actively measures to discourage this catastrophic attitude and to encourage mutual cooperation and pride of the own culture and history

Resolution 4

Since misery cannot be solved by material means only, the Government should actively take measures to encourage a spiritual attitude and to change todays behaviour. From a consumerist and hedonist inclination due to influence of media and modern ideology, man should be rooted into Being itself.



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